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Last Date of Paper Submission:30-05-2022

About The Sharnbasva University

god2The Sharnbasva University, the first ever multi-disciplinary private University in the entire North Karnataka is the brain child of visionary educationist and 8th Mahadasoha Peetathipathi of the Sharanabasaveshwar Samasthan Poojya Dr Sharanbaswappa Appaji. What began with a small effort of starting a library in 1918 and a primary school for girls in 1934 has spread its roots like a banyan tree providing educational avenues in almost all the fields to the children of the Kalyana Karnataka region. Established in the year 2017, the University and the educational institutions run by the Sharanabasaveshwar Vidya Vardak Sangha , providing opportunities to more than 35,000 children of the region to pursue the courses oftheir choice. young university has made its mark in the academie eireles by offering quality education and churning out fully equipped and trained young graduates fit to serve the country. One ofthe features which no other University would be proud of was that it is women friendly and not only the women teaching staff outnumber men in the University, the women students outnumber their men counterparts in the University. •Ille University has the history of achieving highest placements even at the time when the industry, particularly the software industry was facing crisis due to Corona and its fall out on economy.

About Sharanabasaveshwar Samasthana

god2The Sharanabasaveshwar Samasthana has etched its name in the golden words in the annals of Karnataka by playing a pivotal role in protecting Kannada from the onslaught of other languages and opening new vistas of FAIueational opportunities to the people Of this once educationally backward Kalyana Karnataka Ivgion. Sharanabasaveshwara Samasthana an embodiment of compassion and love. Established in the 18th Centurv, the Sharnbasveshwara Samsthan has a rich cultural heritage and was primarily responsible for setting the tone for the culture of 'Dashoha' (Giving or Satisfying the Needs of Needy). The Samsthan which began its selfless service by providing the needy millions free food during the worstever famine in the year of its establishment expanded its horizons of activities by quenching the thirst of the knowledge to the billions of the deprived sections of the society. The name of the Samsthan derives from the mystic saint par excellence Mahadasohi Sharnbasveshwar, who with his selfless sewice to the people in need has been recognized by the devotees as a great humanitarian and was embodiment Of Dasoha culture. The Sharanabasaveshwar Vidya Vardak Sangha and the Sharnbasva University is built and operate on the basic tenets of Dasoha culture. "No Religion is Greater that service to humanity is service to God...lt is beautiful thing, You serve humanbeings. You are serving the God, it is very inspiring indeed" were the immortal words of praise by former president late Dr A p J Abdul Kalaam during his visit to Samasthan

About The Conference

god2For the past few years, more attention has been given hy researchers to multidisciplinary research and its impact on human life. Now the research is not a conventional. it is extended beyond the boundaries of the conventional one. Currently, the real-time problems dealt with by the researchers usually too complex, and cannot be fully described by a single discipline. Therefore, multidisciplinary research is the future. In recent years through multidisciplinary research different disciplines are collaborating themselves. Keeping this in mind, three day National conference on RECENT INNOVATIONS IN MULTIDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH is being organized by the Faculty Of Engineering & Teehn010kV, Sharnbasva University, Kalaburagi on 1,2, and 3rd July 2022.

Paper Submission

Prospective Authors are enchouraged to submit high quality original & previously unpublished research papers for presentation at the conference. Soft Copy of the paper with authors details can be submitted to conffet@sharnbasvauniversity.edu.in


Sl.No Conference topic
1 Al & Its Applications
2 Cyber Security
3 Wireless Sensor Network
4 Pattern Recognition
5 IOT in Agriculture & Health Care Applications
6 Body Area Networks
7 Autonomous Vehicles
8 Flexi Fuel
Sl.No Conference topic
1 Robotics
2 Smart Power Grids
3 Electrical Vehicles
4 5G & Beyond Communicaiton
5 Remote Sensing & GIS Applications
6 Machine Learning & Deep Learning
7 Block Chain and digital Currency
Sl.No Conference topic
1 Neural Network
2 Renewable Energy
3 Data Science
4 3D Printing
5 Nano Photonics
6 Trends in VLSI Layout
7 Climate Resiliance Infrastructure
8 Smart Structure


Parama Poojya Dr. Sharnbaswappa Appa.

  • Mahadasoha Peetadhipati, Sharanbasaveshwar Samsthan,Kalburagi
  • President,Sharanbasaveshwar Vidya Vardhak Sangha,Kalburagi
  • Chancellor, SharanBasaveshwar University, Kalaburagi

Poojya Mathoshree Dr. Dakshayini S Appa

  • Chairman, Sharanbasaveshwar Vidya Vardhak Sangha, Kalaburagi
  • Member BOG, SharnaBasva University , Kalaburagi.

Poojya Chiranjeevi Doddappa Appa

  • 9th Mahadasoha Peethadhipati, Sharnbasveshwar Samsthan Kalaburagi


Shri. Basavaraj S Deshmukh

  • Secretary, Shanbasveshwar Vidya Vardhak Sangha, Kalburagi
  • Member BOG, Sharnbasva University, Kalburagi

Dr. Niranjan Nisty

  • Vice-Chancellor, Sharnbasva University, Kalburagi
About APPA Institute of Enginnering and Technology.

god2The Faculty of Engineering and Technology (Co-Education) (formerly known as APPA Institute of Engineering and Technology) of Sharnbasva University (SUR-FET) has turned out one of the outstanding and eminent engineering institute in Kalburagi. SUR- FET offers undergraduate (B.Tech ), Post Graduate (M.Tech), and Ph.D programme. SUK EET is providing the world class educational experience to its students. Excellent teaching and reasearch facilities integrated With project based and self thinking approaches will provide high quality academic experience to the students. Students are exposed to quality industry experts and other professional through various activities like invited talks, conferences and seminars there by allowing a smooth transition for them from the academic classrooms to the portals by industry.

Registration Fees:

Slno Deligate Fees Rupees
1 Students 200
2 Academicians Research Scholars & others 500
  • Best paper,Poster
    Presentation will be Awarded
  • Best Thesis,Patent
    Published will be Awarded

The registration fee is payable by Online Payment to A/C NO: 209321010000025

A/C Name:Chancellor FO Conference Sharnbasva University klb.



Registration kit:Conference Proceedings,Registration Kit & Working Lunch.

Note:Participants are requested to register using the below link
Registration Link: https://forms.gle/yLAP9hExR4VZGhC6A

Important Dates

SlNo Discription Date
1 Last Date of Paper Submission 30-05-2022
2 Accepted Notification 10-06-2022

Program Schedule Draft

DAY 1st:01-07-2022
Sl.No Time Event
1 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM Session - I Introduction
2 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM Breakfast
3 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM Inauguration
4 1:00 PM TO 1:45 PM Lunch
5 1:45 PM to 3:15 PM Session - II
6 3:15 PM to 3:45 PM Break
7 3:45 PM to 5:15 PM Session - III
DAY 2nd:02-07-2022
Sl.No Time Event
1 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM Session -IV
2 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM Breakfast
3 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM Session -V
4 1:00 PM TO 1:45 PM Lunch
5 1:45 PM to 3:15 PM Session - VI
6 3:15 PM to 3:45 PM Break
7 3:45 PM to 5:15 PM Session -VII
DAY 3rd :03-07-2022
Sl.No Time Event
1 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM Session -VIII
2 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM Breakfast
3 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM Session -IX
4 1:00 PM TO 1:45 PM Lunch
5 1:45 PM to 3:15 PM Session -X
6 3:15 PM to 3:45 PM Break
7 3:45 PM to 5:15 PM Valedictory Function

Steering Committe Members
Dr. V.D. Mytri
Pro-vice chancellor
Sharnbasva university, Kalaburagi
Shri .N.S.Devarkal
Pro-vice chancellor
Sharnbasva university, Kalaburagi
Dr. Anilkumar G. Bidve
Sharnbasva university, Kalaburagi
Dr.Basavaraj mathapathi
Registrar Evalution
Sharnbasva university,kalaburagi
Dr. Lakshmi Patil Maka
Sharnbasva university , Kalaburagi
Prof.kiran Maka
Finance officer
Sharnbasva university , Kalaburagi
Dr.Shivakumar Jawaligi
Dean FET(Co-education)
Sharnbasva university , Kalaburagi
Slno Advisory Committe Members
1 Dr.Niranjan.Nisty, vice chancellor Sharnbasva university, Kalaburagi
2 Dr. V.D. Mytri, Pro-vice chancellor Sharnbasva university, Kalaburagi
3 Shri N S Devarkal,Pro-vice chancellor Sharnbasva university, Kalaburagi
4 Dr. Anilkumar G. Bidve, Professor & Registrar, Sharnbasva university, Kalaburagi
5 Dr.M Sasikala,Principal,GECW , Kalaburagi
6 Prof.kiran Maka,Finance officer,Sharnbasva university , Kalaburagi
7 Dr.S S Avanti,Prof., Dept. of Civil Engg., Sharnbasva University, Klb
8 Dr.S S Avanti,Prof., Dept. of Civil Engg., Sharnbasva University, Klb
9 Dr. B S patil Prof., Dept. of Civil Engg., Sharnbasva University, Klb
10 Dr S S Kalashetty Principal, PDACE, Klb
11 Dr. Siddarama R Patil Vice Principal(Academics), PDACE, Klb
12 Dr. Nagshetty Biradar Principal BRIT, Bhalki
13 Dr. Ravindra Eklarker Principal , GNDEC, Bidar
14 Dr. Sanjaykumar C Gowre Dean BKIT, Bhalki
15 Dr. C M Tavade Principal, BKEC, Basvakalyan
16 Dr. Shaik Kamal Mohammad Azam Principal, KBNCE, Kalburagi
17 Dr Vinita Patil Principal, Lingaraj Appa Engineering College, Bidar
18 Dr. Sharanbasappa Sali principal, Veerappa Nisty Engineering College,Shorapur
19 Dr. Basavaraj Gadge Regional Director, VTU-RO,K1b
19 Dr. Sharanappa G Malashetty Professor & HOD Mathematics Dept., HKES S.L.N. college of Engineering Raichur
19 Mrs. Shaila Patil Senior Service Delivery Manager, CISCO
19 Mr. Rajkamal H Business Development Manager, CISCO
Three Day National Conference On Registration Link

1st ,2nd and 3rd July-2022
Organized by
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
(Co-Education)(Formerly known as APPA Institute of Engineering and Technology)
Sharnabasva University
Sharnbasveshwar Institutions Campus,

           In Association With ISTE ,IETE
          Co-sponsored by IEEE Student Branch
           Sharnbasav University,Kalburgi.

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Phone/Fax No:08472-277852,277853,277854

Slno Convenor
1 Dr. Shivakumar Jawaligi Dean, FET(Co-education), Sharnbasva University, Klb
Slno Co-Convenor
1 Prof. S A Madival, Chairman, Dept. of CSE,Sharnbasva University, Klb
Slno Co-Ordinators
1 Dr.Nirdosh Patil, Chairman, Dept. of Basic Science,Sharnbasva University, Klb
2 Prof.Shivakumar Rachoti, Chairman, Dept. of Mechanical Engg.,Sharnbasva University, Klb
3 Prof.Rajshekhar Yargol, Chairman, Dept. of Civil Engg,Sharnbasva University, Klb
4 Dr.Basavaraj Shrigiri, Chairman, Dept. of Energy Engg,Sharnbasva University, Klb
5 Dr.Shashidar Sonnad, Chairman, Dept. of ECE,Sharnbasva University, Klb
6 Prof.Jagadish Patil, Chairman, Dept. of EEE,Sharnbasva University, Klb
Slno Media Cell
1 Mr. T. V. Sivanandan Dean, JMC, Sharnbasva University, Klb