The University's infrastructure will support, enable, and enhance the work of its faculty, staff, and students.The University has separate buildings for each Department, a well-equipped library, study rooms, student's hostels,mess, gymkhana, a recreational centre and residential quarters for staff.Besides, it has a well-furnished convocation hall, examination hall, common rooms for ladies.


A/c Library 24/7 open for students.WiFi Connectivity available.University Provides Bus Facility.Purified Drinking Water.Feedback to Parents.Dress code for Students and Staff.Career Guidance Cell.Dedicated Placement Cell.


The Canteen is designed to cater to 150 students & staff. The canteen is a place where students congregate to not only eat but exchange views. Our Food Court has a modern kitchen where food is steam cooked. The washed dishes are sterilized for hygienic serving.


To build up a library is to create a life. It's never just a random collection of books.It Establish serene learning environment for the students in using the library facilities and services at ease any time.A/c Library 24/7 open for students.


The campus being 1.5Kms from the central bus stand and it is at heart of the city .The University provides transportation facility for students.There are good condition buses with safety features as first aid kits and fire extinguisher which take care of commutation of students.


An on campus banking facility is provided by Corporation Bank,S.B campus vidya nagar branch. It is fully computerized and air conditioned.The bank takes care of all the University transaction. It also provides online banking facility for parents and students to pay fees, hostel charges, mess bill, University fees etc.


With the belief "A Healthy mind in a healthy body", University forays into sports arena and provides following facilities Football field, Hockey field, Volley ball, Table tennis ,Cricket field and Indoor Fames facility.

Internet Facilities

University has 40 Mbps Lease Line on Fibre connectivity. The browsing centre has 150 nodes and is open from 8:00 am to 6:00pm for access to students. University is a Wi Fi enabled campus.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting system is implemented in the university campus for best utensil of rain water.Average annual rainfall at S.B. Campus=750mm/year = 0.75m3/year.Total volume of surface runoff water suppose to be 704m3/year.

Reverse Osmosis Water treatment and Softening plant

The Reverse osmosis plant is installed in the University,caters to the drinking water needs of all the students,teachers,supporting staff and the visitors. The raw water with an average total dissolved solids is treated to reduce the TDS content to less than 100ppm.The utilised capacity is 1000 lts/hr portable water.This water is pure,tasty and hygienic rendering it highly suitable for human consumption.The rejects water from the plant is used for gardening and washing purposes.This plant is not only facilitate the supply of safe drinking water but also obviates the otherwise involved huge expenditure for procuring drinking water for the large number of people in the campus. now the institution can be liberal in the provision of our own made RO water coolers are connected to this plant providing drinking water in every floor of class room blocks, administrative blocks, library and laboratories etc.

Solar Energy Harvesting

Sharnbasva University has installed a grid connectivity solar roof top photo voltaic system of capacity 6ookwp,with this we are generating average electrical energy of 960000 kwh/year.Generating same electrical energy from conventional/non-Renewable source like coal,the total CO2 emited to environment is 902400 kg/year.we can reduce this huge quantity of CO2 addition to our environment.


"A home away from home" is the concept of hostels in University. We provide the best possible comfort needed for students. There are maximum 4 number of students are allotted per room. There is sepearte mess facilities for both girls and boys . There are exclusive Vegetarian mess facilities. The hostelites are provided sports,and browsing facilities.

Appa Boy's HostelAppa Girl's Hostel